Mechanical Iris Ring Box

After finding inspiration from the mechanism commonly found in camera apertures, I designed and built this custom ring box.


Designed with SolidWorks

The components were designed with the limitations of fused filament fabrication in mind in order to allow even a modest desktop 3D printer to tackle the job. Designing all these parts and modeling the assembly in SolidWorks was a fun way to practice for the CSWP exam given by Dassault Systèmes.


3D Printed with Choice Materials

The green portions of the box were printed with 1.75mm green PLA filament purchased from Solutech, while the wood-like portions were printed with woodfill PLA from Gizmodorks. All PLA parts were fabricated with a Prusa i3 MK2S printer. To give the wood-like parts a more authentic look, the temperature of the nozzle was varied between some of the layers to add dark and light bands that mimic wood grain. Additionally, indoor furniture wood stain was used to darken the parts and add a bit of rigidity to the outer layer.