Assembly Guides for the A.J. Conti Transcendence Turntable

From the Basis Audio website:

β€œThe A.J. Conti Transcendence turntable represents the finest turntable Basis Audio has offered to date. Beyond the absolute state of the art performance, the AJ Conti Transcendence offers total flexibility in terms of use with different tonearms, tonearms of unusual length, the ability to use any tonearm of any weight, different motor types, different platter types and weights, as well as any updates Basis might offer in the future.”

This flexibility is accomplished with a modular design. Components such as the bearing/platter support, tonearm support and motor are not fixed in their positions on the plinth. However, the distance between the bearing and tonearm, as well as the distance between the bearing and motor, remain critical. To make it easy for the end-user to place these components in a desired location while maintaining important design criteria, I designed a set of assembly guides.


Easier Setup

The A.J. Conti Transcendence is a state-of-the-art, precision made turntable. Correct set-up is essential for achieving the incredible sound clarity and quality that this machine is known for. The assembly guides give the end user a quick and intuitive way to properly place the components onto the plinth while providing flexibility in where these components will rest. The tonearm support, for example, must be placed at an exact distance from the bearing. However, this does not fully constrain its position. Rather, it limits its placement to a fixed-radius arc around the bearing. Through the use of precision machined arcs, the assembly guide allows one to place the tonearm support at the correct radial distance from the bearing while granting freedom on where the tonearm support will be placed along the arc.

Decreased Waste

Aside from facilitating easy set-up of an otherwise complex and highly sophisticated machine, the assembly guides reduce the amount of scrap material at Basis Audio. Acrylic is used in many Basis products, and often, there are leftover pieces that are deemed useless due to their size. These assembly guides are designed with this waste acrylic in mind: They can be machined out of varying thicknesses and relatively small pieces. Using these leftover pieces not only reduces cost, but also diminishes the environmental footprint of the company.

Increased Productivity and a Happy End-User

Incorporating these assembly guides benefited both Basis Audio and its customers. Acrylic scrap took up otherwise valuable shelf-space, so reducing the scrap sheets to small parts resulted in a small increase in available space. Additionally, providing the customer or audio technician with an intuitive way to assemble the A.J. Conti Transcendence ensures that its parts are optimally placed for maximum performance.